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PADI Advanced Certification course
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Advanced Open Water Course – The most exciting PADI course in Phuket

Scuba Diving Exploration, Excitement, Experiences. Welcome to our PADI Advanced Open Water course in Phuket – the first step beyond your Open Water diver certification and the the most enjoyable Advanced course. What’s it like to dive to 30 meters/100 feet? How hard is it to shoot a camera underwater? And what about the marine life or wrecks? You get the answers to questions like these by going on PADI Advanced Open Water courses, which introduce you to the basics of special underwater scuba diving activities. It’s a great way to extend your skills and your diving technique. The best part is… well, it’s all fun 🙂

You will learn the practical aspects of deep scuba diving and its physiological effects. More ways to use your underwater compass and how to navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time. Our PADI instructor will explain the advantage of computer and multilevel diving and you will go for five more super exciting dives.

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Become Advanced scuba diver in Phuket with All 4 Diving

The PADI Advanced Open Water Phuket course is the natural way to continue your diving adventures. To get your PADI Advanced certification you need only 2 diving day trips on our favorite boat MV Dolphin. No classroom and no swimming pool – only adventure dives at Ko Phi Phi and Racha Islands. Let’s go for 6 exciting scuba dives.

You make an underwater navigation dive and a deep dive, plus three other Adventure Dives that appeal to you and we offer you the 6th dive. The background info you need, you cover by reading short chapters in Adventures in Diving manual and during some pre dive briefings, but as with Adventure Dives, what you really do is meet divers, go diving and discover new underwater activities.

Get your PADI Advanced Open Water Certification in Phuket Thailand

PADI Advanced Open Water course @ 12,500 THB with 6 dives at Racha & Phi Phi Islands

The PADI Advanced Open Water course consists of 5 adventure dives and is conducted for 2 days. There is no classroom, pool session or exams 🙂

  • 1st day diving on MV Dolphin for 3 adventure dives.
  • 2nd day diving on MV Dolphin for 2 adventure dives.

During your Advance course you will perform 5 adventure training dives and we offer you 1 more fun dive the last day of your course.

If your training dives match the trip to the Phi Phi Islands, plan to take 600 Thai baht in cash for park entry fees.

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Favorite Advanced Combo courses by All 4 Diving

PADI Advanced + Nitrox Specialty course for 16,500 15,800 THB ONLY!

You can combine your Advanced Open Water course with the Nitrox Certification. It still take only 2 days. You are going to save money and perform 1 Nitrox dive 🙂

Nitrox is PADI’s most popular specialty course, and it’s easy to see why. Scuba diving with enriched air – Nitrox, gives you more no-decompression dive time. You can dive longer underwater, especially on repetitive deep scuba dives. You can go into the course during the 2 days of your PADI Advanced Open Water course.

PADI Advanced and Nitrox Diver
PADI Advanced and Nitrox Diver

PADI Advanced + Deep Specialty course for 20,900 THB ONLY!

Another very popular PADI Combo diving course divers ask is the Advanced Open Water with the Deep Specialty. This course takes 3 days and let you go as deep as 40 meters! Our PADI dive center decided to propose this course at a very low price – you gonna save 3,500 THB!

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Our PADI scuba diving center in Phuket will provide you all the PADI’s pedagogic material which cover what you need to know for your PADI Advanced Open Water course. Our highly experienced Instructors will guide you through the most exciting adventure scuba dives. During the 2 diving day trips, you will discover the deep dive between 18 and 30 meters and the underwater navigation dive which are mandatory. Then you will realize 3 more adventure dives that you can choose between the recommended adventures training dives in Phuket by our PADI 5 Star Scuba Diving center.

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Book now your Combo Advanced + Nitrox course

15,800 THB ONLY!

SAVE 4,500 THB !


Your welcome gift – All4Diving T-Shirt Scuba Edition

Welcome Gift - All4Diving T-Shirt Scuba Edition


To enroll to the PADI Advanced Open Water course, you must be:

• PADI Open Water Diver or qualifying certification from another training organization
• 15 years old or 12 for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver

You can start your PADI Advanced Open Water course at any time.

Included in your Learn To Dive program:

  • 1 fun dive for free
  • PADI Pedagogical material & Certification
  • Full set of diving equipment and dive computer
  • Scuba diving insurance
  • On-board fresh cooked breakfast and lunch
  • On-board fresh fruits, soft drinks, water, coffee & tea
  • Transfers from your hotel to the boat and back*
  • Welcome gift – All4Diving T-Shirt Scuba Edition.

*Free pickup from Patong • Karon • Kata • Kamala • Chalong

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And after the PADI Advanced Open Water course ?

Newly certified Advanced Scuba Divers are qualified to dive deeper and in somewhat more challenging conditions than Open Water Divers. But keep in mind to never push the limits and know your own limits as the limits of your buddy. As for every certification level, pay attention with:

• experience level
• site accessibility
• conditions
• interests

The recommended depth for an Advanced diver is 30 meters (98 ft.) or 40 meters (131 ft.) for those with the PADI deep specialty certification. The only truly important thing about where you dive is that you have the scuba diving training and experience appropriate for diving there, and that you have a dive buddy to go with you. Our local PADI Dive Shop can help you organize great scuba diving Phuket trips or the world’s famous Similan Islands Liveaboard diving holiday.

What’s next? – Go for PADI Specialty courses. You will develop your abilities with specific activities, skills or environments. You can enter most of these courses as a PADI Open Water Diver, although some, like Wreck Diver and Deep Diver, require you to be an Advanced Open Water Diver to become certified.