Best Scuba Diving PHUKET Deals
No extra charge for online & credit card payment Free dive computer & Insurance during PADI courses
Scuba Diving Phuket - Dive trips with MV Mermaid Diving Phuket Day Trips - 3 Dives - 3'700 Baht
Phi-Phi / Racha Islands, Shark Point, Anemone Reef
Included Transfers*/Breakfast/Lunch/Drinks/Equipment...
Scuba diving Phuket - Similan Liveaboard Thailand Phuket Dive Trips to Similan Islands - 5'600 Baht
All Included* - Transfers/Equipment/Breakfast/Lunch
*Similan Park fees not included
Scuba Diving Phuket - PADI Courses Best Deals PADI Open Water Course Phuket - 13'800 Baht
PADI Certification in 3 days. 6 dives on MV Mermaid
All Included! Dives at Racha and Phi-Phi Islands...
Scuba diving Phuket- Phuket Diving Holidays package - Best Deals Diving holidays Phuket package with Hotel- 4'900 Baht
1 Day dive trip - 3 dives with 2 nights hotel
All Included - Transfers*/Breakfast/Lunch/Equipment...
Scuba Diving Phuket - Similan Liveaboards diving Similan Liveaboard 2days/1night - 11'900 Baht
2days/1night Similan or Similan + Koh Bon for 7 Dives.
All Included except equipment + park fees
Scuba Diving Phuket - PADI diving courses - Open Water diver course package Open Water course package w/hotel - 15'900 Baht
PADI Open Water course 3 days - 5 dives with 4 nights hotel. All included! Dives at Racha and Phi-Phi Islands
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Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand with Dive Lessons & Courses by Expert Scuba Trainers


Phuket diving - Dive site Racha Yai - Nemo Fish

Scuba Diving Phuket - "Nemo"

All4Diving Phuket Thailand was founded in 1995 and is internationally recognized for our high standards of safety, quality, professionalism and value. Today, we are the most complete PADI 5 Star Dive Center in Phuket Thailand and Similan Liveaboard diving holidays operator. CONTACT US for any scuba dive trips, PADI diving courses or Similan islands liveaboard information.

Why choose All4Diving for your PADI diving courses and Phuket diving trips?
We are specialized in PADI courses from beginner up to professional level. With All4Diving Phuket, you will explore the greatest holidays. Our purpose built dive yacht, MV Mermaid, will take you to the best dive spots around Phuket - Ko Dok Mai, Racha Islands and Phi-Phi Islands. With our exclusive scuba diving holiday packages, you can book your holidays with peace of mind. All4Diving Phuket provide a high quality of service, personalized programs and the best dive day trip yacht in Phuket. We are the leader in the Phuket, and recognized by PADI as the top diving Center with the highest standards for teaching all levels of Scuba Courses.

Similan Islands Diving Holidays & Phuket Diving Courses with All 4 Diving - PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Center Thailand


Phuket diving - Dive site Racha Noi - Manta Ray

Scuba Diving Phuket - dive in Phuket with Manta Ray

We offer value for money Similan Liveaboard deals deals and Phuket day trips in Thailand. Also, we offer a full range of PADI courses and 'Learn To Dive' certifications on the best dive sites around Phuket and the Phi-Phi Islands, such as Ko Bida Nok and Ko Bida Nai. Contact us for any information about scuba diving Phuket day trips or if you need information on Similan Liveaboard diving holidays.

All 4 Diving Phuket is the most complete and highly awarded PADI Courses Certification center in Phuket and Thailand. Our goal is to continue to provide the best scuba diving education in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere. We offer the best value for money scuba diving holidays and unforgettable dive adventures for our valued guests.

Our experienced multilingual team of PADI Elite awarded Instructors are here to teach and guide you through the most amazing dive experience in Thailand. With our own, brand new, dive yacht, MV Mermaid, All 4 Diving Phuket has certainly the best dive vessel in Phuket on which the safety, service and comfort are exceptional. You are in the right place to learn to dive or take a continuing education PADI course. PADI 'Learn to Dive' Phuket program is one of the most popular in the world and with All4Diving's structure in Phuket, you will have a lot of fun during all your PADI diving education.

Diving in Phuket - Mermaid Day Trips

Scuba diving Phuket Thailand - MV Mermaid

We are also the only PADI Dive Courses Certification center in Patong beach with its own on-site training pool, which is specifically designed to reach the highest standards of PADI teaching and diver training. Our large retail dive shop is located within 5 meters of our diving school with air-con classrooms, and offers you a full range of high quality scuba equipment.

All4Diving Phuket is a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center (CDC) with resident Course Director - Richard Reardon. 5 Star CDC rating is only given to the best PADI Course Centers in the world - PADI 'Learn to Dive' Phuket program is our area of expertise and passion. Passion we want to share with you. All 4 Diving Phuket is the dive school where you will receive the best scuba diving education to become an excellent scuba diver.

All4Diving Phuket is also fully involved in environmental programs with local and national authorities. We are an active member of the PADI Project AWARE, Shark Guardian and Go Eco Phuket. Our philosophy is to protect the environment for future generations. As scuba divers, we are the ocean's ambassadors.

Diving in Phuket -Diving Courses Thailand logo

Thailand - Land of Smiles

Welcome to Thailand, one of world's top scuba diving and Similan Islands Liveaboard destinations.
Thailand is an independent kingdom combining 20th-century sophistication with an ancient culture that has evolved over the past 700 years. Covering over 500,000 sq km it is bordered by Malaysia to the south, Myanmar to the west, Laos to the north and Cambodia to the east. Regarding scuba diving Thailand is situated in the Indo-Pacific area and surrounded by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. Thailand is unique amongst Southeast Asian nations in that it has never been occupied by a foreign colonial power. As a result, it has maintained a cohesive sense of national identity and traditional culture.

Phuket & The Andaman Sea
The islands and beaches of southern Thailand hold the greatest appeal for tourists and scuba diving lovers. Whether you’re looking for solitude, sophisticated nightlife, snorkeling, dive trips to Ko Phi-Phi Phi or Similan Liveaboard holidays, there is plenty of choice. The Andaman coastline, to the west of the Kra Isthmus, boasts fabulous scenery, dazzling beaches and breath-taking underwater experiences for divers. The largest and most well-known of the island destinations here is Phuket, which has attracted tourists and those passionate about scuba diving for a number of years.

Scuba Diving Phuket, fun diving and snorkeling day trips, Phuket diving courses in The Andaman Sea Thailand


Similan Liveaboard diving - Manta Ray

Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand - Manta Ray

The Andaman Sea and Phuket Island has much to offer visiting scuba diving lovers and snorkelers. There is a vast range of exhilarating dive sites, providing underwater exploration for both recreational and technical divers alike, regardless of their certification levels or experience. With over 1,000km of coastline, the variety of scuba diving environments is phenomenal, encompassing everything from extensive fringing reefs to deep drop-offs and wrecks, dramatic granite walls, caves and tunnels, coral covered pinnacles, and open ocean sea-mounts.

Phuket is the largest recreational scuba diving center in Thailand and the main base for Similan Liveaboard holidays. Most of the dive activities in this region are organized from the popular holiday island destination of Phuket. All4Diving offer PADI Course certifications, recreational scuba diving and snorkelling day trips. We also offer Technical dive training and Similan Liveaboard holidays. The best season for enjoying these destination for holidays is between October and May.

Diving in Thailand - Dive site Phi Phi Islands - Maya Bay

Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand - Maya Bay

Towards the northern end of the Phuket coastline, a series of granitic outcrops lie in deep, clear water with reefs descending to 25-35m and beyond in depth. These are the Similan Islands, including Ko Bon, Ko Tachai and Richelieu Rock whose breathtaking underwater scenery and diversity of marine life have gained them a considerable worldwide reputation as well as in the scuba diving community. Given their proximity to Phuket Island, it is not surprising that these two island groups are among the country’s most popular destinations for fun dive day trips, Similan liveaboard excursions and PADI diving Courses. The 'Learn to Dive’ program with All4Diving in this paradise, is for sure, the best place for your scuba adventures.

Phuket's offshore dive sites are mostly to the south, and can be reached by our yacht MV Mermaid between one and two hours. They are all well worth the journey, but two in particular - Shark Point and Anemone Reef stand out as being special in terms of the abundance of marine life. In the area don't miss the most exciting wreck diving at King Cruiser. Further south, the coastline at The Phi-Phi Islands offers shallow fringing reefs around impressive limestone formations - ranging in size from underwater pillars to whole islands. Some of the best scuba diving dive sites in the country are to be found here - Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.
Scuba diving Phuket - dive day trips to Phuket & Phi-Phi Islands
dive day trips
dive day trips packages with accommodation
fun diving day trips and Similan Liveaboard packages - all inclusive
Luxury cruising
dive spots of Phi-Phi Islands
dive spots of Racha Islands
dive spots of Shark Point & Anemone Reef
Wreck diving in Phuket

Learn to Dive with All4Diving Phuket - PADI 5 Star CDC Dive Center in Phuket Thailand.

Phuket diving day trips to Phi Phi Island - Sea Turtle

Scuba Diving Phuket - Sea Turtle

It’s always a great time to take your PADI courses in Phuket. Why? - Simple. The water is clear and warm and filled with exciting adventures and marine life to meet and explore during your holidays. Golden opportunities arise all year round and your PADI courses will be safe, fun and relaxing without the hustle and bustle of city life. Great scuba training facilities, calm warm waters, complemented by a diversity of marine life are all readily available in a picture-postcard destination. This is one of the world’s top places to learn to dive, continue learning or even start a career based around the planet’s fastest growing recreational pastime of scuba diving.

PADI 'Learn To Dive' is not something that can be self-taught. Correct instruction is essential and standard safety practices need to be applied and upheld throughout, no matter the size of operation. Thankfully this is the case in our 5 Star PADI Courses School in Phuket. Our Dive school is internationally awarded as the best PADI Dive center in Phuket Thailand.
With All4Diving Phuket during your PADI courses, you benefit from a free top-level Private diving insurance.

Phuket diving courses
Not everyone feels comfortable or has the time to jump in at the deep end and enroll in a multi diving - fun day trip commitment without first getting a taste of the scuba fun. Not to worry, as in appreciation of this, our PADI Courses center offer non certified experience programs. These are still under the guidance of a highly qualified Instructor and follow the highest of safety standards. No corners are cut and dive training covers all the basic skills needed to submerge and ascend safely. The only difference between these experience programs and a PADI diving Courses is that, after completion, you must still be accompanied by a professionals at all times and you cannot dive anywhere else. The advantage is that this diving takes a short time and, even better, your experience may count toward your PADI Open Water Diver course.

PADI Diving School in Phuket - Learn to dive and get your diver certification with All4Diving Phuket  PADI 5 Star CDC Center

Diving in Phuket  - PADI Courses Phuket logo

Phuket diving - PADI Center

PADI Open Water entry level courses introduce students to the underwater environment and how to comfortably adapt to the new found surroundings, how to use the unfamiliar equipment and above all else – how to perform the scuba diving safely and relax. On successful completion the newly PADI certified divers are qualified to dive unaccompanied by a professional, in the same conditions and to the maximum depth experienced during training. However, with the great selection of our scuba day trips around, you have the choice of joining any of them with the option of dives being led by trained scuba professionals. There’s no extra charge for this service as it’s included as standard in the scuba diving Phuket courses and it’s a great way to build confidence and familiarity for novice divers.


So now you’ve learned to dive in Phuket's warm and inviting waters, are seeing things you once could only dream of and are rapidly making new friends – not a bad start really. It’s no wonder scuba diving is so popular! The next step is to fine-tune those skills already learned, and be introduced to new ones. PADI Advanced Open Water diving courses are fantastic underwater adventures. Even though the term ‘advanced’ may imply they are demanding and stressful – in reality they are quite the opposite. Safety and fun are high on the agenda and the results are extremely rewarding. Some dive sites are accessible only for advanced scuba divers. Most of the Similan Liveaboard programs are exclusively open to experienced divers.
PADI Courses Phuket for the family.
As the interest and participation in scuba diving is on the increase, images of black rubber-clad men immersing themselves in the abyss, whilst groups of ladies anxiously look on, are thankfully a vision of the past. Nowadays the ladies are more likely to be scubadiving buddies! couples have been coming to enjoy the tropical waters here for some time, The youngsters are not left out at all. PADI Bubble Maker and Seal Team, give boys and girls aged eight years upwards the opportunity, under professional guidance, to enjoy an exciting scuba experience whilst learning some cool underwater tricks into the bargain. Scuba Diving kids programs last around an hour or two in the safe surroundings of a swimming pool or similar scuba confined water conditions in a protected area, and are a great way to get the youngsters hooked, either with or without their parents in tow! These fabulous PADI scuba diving Phuket introductions to the underwater world are a great way for kids to share valuable learning experiences.
PADI Courses Phuket - Scuba diving Phuket Certification programs of PADI
PADI Courses Phuket - Bubble Maker & Seal Team diving programs for kids
PADI Discover Scuba Diving in Phuket - Try dives (DSD)
PADI Open Water diver course 
PADI Advanced Open Water diver course in Phuket
PADI - Rescue diver course & training in Phuket 
PADI Courses Phuket - Diving Specialties
PADI Courses Phuket - Go Pro Divemaster
PADI Courses Phuket - Go Pro IDC Phuket
PADI Courses Phuket - packages with accommodation

Similan Liveaboard diving in Thailand and Phuket diving holidays

Phuket scuba diving - Whale Shark

Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand - Whale Shark

There are several great Liveaboard destinations in Thailand. But due to its location and diversity of marine life, nothing beats the Similan Liveaboard diving holidays. The Similan Islands with Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock can certainly lay claim to being one of theworld's top Liveaboard diving destinations.


The dramatic underwater terrain is highlighted by thriving reefs and abundant soft corals, and the tremendous diversity of marine life includes many of the more exciting, larger pelagics such as Manta Ray and Whale Shark.


The Similan Islands is a series of strikingly beautiful granite and jungle islands with some stunning beaches and great undersea diversity. Scuba diving here normally originates from Phuket and is done by Similan Liveaboard boats running anywhere from two day to two week scuba trips. The water clarity and healthy reefs make these islands the focal point of regional liveaboard diving. Varied and full of color, the southern islands are numbered one through nine. These numerous islands are balanced by the large northern islands of Koh Bon, a beautiful piece of limestone, Koh Tachai, which has attractive sandy beaches and some amazing offshore dives, and world's top class scuba diving Richelieu Rock. No doubt - Similan Liveaboard holidays is the world's top scuba experience.
Selection of Similan Liveaboards and Phuket diving holidays
Similan Liveaboard - Overview
Similan Liveaboard diving - Economy class
Similan Liveaboard diving - Comfort class
Similan Liveaboard diving - First Class
Similan Liveaboard - Diving Day trips
Similan Liveaboard - Dive maps


Authentic luxury scuba diving Phuket destinations and Private Similan Liveaboard diving in Thailand

As the leading Thai specialist of scuba diving Phuket day trips and Similan Liveaboard cruises, we will provide you with the most authentic luxury scuba day trips and cruising experiences on our exclusive private charters. Our new cruising itineraries in the South Andaman Sea and Similan Islands will reveal to you the hidden treasures of the marine life and beautiful Islands that grace the Andaman Sea. By redefining the standard of luxury day trips and Similan Liveaboard tropical Islands cruising, we are creating unforgettable experiences. This is the ultimate way to get into the heart of the South Andaman Sea.

All4Diving Phuket is a leading luxury scuba operator to the Andaman Sea and we regularly travel here to discover the hidden treasures and create the most exciting scuba diving itineraries to provide you with the most rewarding experiences. Our passion for and expert knowledge of Phuket, Phi-Phi Islands, and Similan Islands will come to life in the experiences you will enjoy, and the memories that will stay with you forever.
Selection of luxury scuba diving phuket and Similan Liveaboard destinations around Andaman Sea Thailand
Luxury Scuba Diving Day Trips and overnight cruise
Luxury Similan Liveaboard Islands and Andaman Sea cruise
Scuba Diving Phuket - Day Trips - Diving Courses Phuket - Similan Liveaboard diving - Phuket diving compass - Phuket diving shark guardian
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